What is MOD APK ?

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This blog is very important for us as well as you, for us this is our first blog & for you I’m progressive to speak on quite common however serious, and useful topic of MOD APK. Wait, did not quit I know all of you make use of MOD APK and there are such a big amounts of queries in your mind concerning it like….

1] What is MOD APK ?
2] Who develop MOD APK ?
3] Why they develop MOD APK ?
4] What did they get by developing MOD APK?
And the most typical and vital
5] Is it safe to install it or not?
But still without knowing this answers & result you use it right??

There are ton’s of blogs and videos on the internet|/web concerning MOD APK however only a few of them had told you answer of those questions. That’s why we pick this topic as our first blog, and that we are going to cover all these questions of MOD APK. This blog might be longer except for an improved understanding browse the whole blog and subscribe to our website to get notified whenever we transfer a replacement or a new blog additionally share it with your family and friends.

So Let’s move towards our topic . First of all let me explain to you what is MOD or MODDED APK. MOD APK are the modified version of their original apps. The long form of MOD APK is Modified Android Package where the word MOD means Modified & APK means Android Package. MOD APK are modified in a very sense to supply better features & it conjointly unlocks all the paid features, so that, the user will be got pleasure for some paid facilities that original developers provides for only certain users like premium users or paid users.

Now Let’s move towards next question ” Who develop MOD APK? “
You must have understood by currently that the modded version of any APK is not created by the original/initial APK publisher. Most of the MOD APK are develop by different programmers ( Hackers ). You can’t download/find MOD APK in Google Play Store. Google have also warned about downloading any application from unknown sources.

Now Let’s move a step forward, ” It is safe to install MOD or not? “
Before that lets perceive that everything has its own pros & cons. I had told you about pros now move towards its cons.
Just take an example that you just have downloaded a MOD from XYZ website & then they are soliciting for useless permission such as any calculator application is soliciting for your camera & microphone permission, should you offer it? Its common sense guys you should not provide them because for calculator it is not necessary then why are they requesting us? That mean they need our more data without any reason & it is not safe to share our personal data with unknown source, it may be malware or anyone is attempting to misuse our data. They can also track our all personal details.

It is absolutely okaying to install MOD APK from unknown sources but make sure you are aware of what you are installing & what permission you are providing to the installed app. Apps can’t steal our personal data without our knowledge. It is us who provides permission when asked for.

Hence, it is safe to download only from Google Play Store if not then be careful with what permission you are providing & make sure you are downloading MODs from well known sites. I hope you should understand what we have explained to you & don’t forget to Subscribe to get notified.

Some popular MOD APK sites :


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