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TOR ( The Onion Router )

What is TOR ?

The Onion Router also known as TOR is an free and open source software that allows user to protect their own privacy on internet and also used for enabling anonymous communication. It is more likely to VPN (If you don’t know about VPN check out my last blog.)but VPN works with only one location here it is totally different and VPN is more common now a days and it is also paid, you have to pay it from your pocket.

Everyone wanted to browse the internet anonymously so they use “ incognito mode “ or “ private window “ but it didn’t work at that level if you really want to work in your anonymity or privacy so you need to use VPN or TOR.

When and who develop TOR ?

The development of onion routing was sponsored by U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in 1990 and TOR is developed in 2002 by Navy and Independent researchers.TOR is written in 146,000 lines of C programming language.
It was developed to protect government communication. While it is now an open source browser available for public.

How TOR works ?

In TOR (The Onion Router ) the word onion is very impportant because it works on the concept of onion. As you see their are so many layers in onion like that there are also so many layers in tor browser mean if you search for from tor browser then it travels through so many encrypted tunnels that mean it changes its ip address form different computer server for many times so they cant identify your ip address. The regular internet connections don’t do this type of changes. Although tor is more secure than any other browser.

Pros and Cons of TOR

It is free to use with no ads.
Available for almost all opreating systems such as windows, linux, macOS, android.

Its is slow compare to VPN because of its working method.

Link to download TOR

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