1. What is use of this website?
In this website we provide you a platform where you can share your profit links.

2. How to share profit links?
To share Profit links you have to go in sharing slot section in the menu, then scroll down you will find a comment box, just fill up and post it.

3. How do I get a profit
When you share your profit links in the sharing slot section your comment appears there for a long time where user come & see your comments so there if your post is attractive then there is probability that he should go through your profit link.

4 How to add an image in comment section?
 You have to just tap on the little box below description and upload your image

5. How to make comment attractive? You should add a nice description of your product and also add images to identify the product to viewers

6. What type of image can I upload?
You can upload any type of image such as .png, .jpg ,etc.

7. What is the maximum size of an image I can upload?
 You can upload images up to 2mb

8. How this site works? 
To get know how it actually works, just go to menu and tap on How it works. You will get the solution of your all queries.